Frequently Asked Questions

Gambling Feeds Service

What is a managed partner?

A mpa is whereby we work with selected partners, normally by invite only to display our gambling feeds on their websites. Normally the websites have high traffic volume and often do not relate to the sports/gambling industry. This account is totally managed by us here at Gambling Feeds,including all affiliate links etc, and the partner receives a monthly earnings report and payment. More information can be found in the map faq.

Why I has our website/brand be chosen for the Managed Partner Program?

Our selection is base on several key indicators which include partner reputation, site genre, estimated traffic volume and demographical data. Based on these we have selected your brand/website to take advantage of our dynamic product in this lucrative industry.

Why is it not possible to turn on/off certain brands in the partner directory?

Selected partners are give guaranteed inclusion into the partner directory and can not be turned off. Only in exceptional circumstances can they be turned of in your account upon application to your account manager at gambling feeds.

I am not a member of certain affiliate gaming programs in the directory?

We strongly advise you to register with all our gaming partners especially those with guaranteed inclusion into our service. You may miss out out on considerable revenue, and we are sure you don't want that.

Ive signed up to affiliate programs yet they can take a several days to be confirmed, will i miss out on commissions?

No, in the first 28 days of your account with gambling feeds we understand it can take time to confirm affiliations with our gaming partners, therefore where you have no affiliate links in place with certain partners, you will be compensated with increased activity on your existing links to ensure you remain with set partner percentage.

Who pays my commissions?

Your commissions are paid by your affiliate gaming partners via your own affiliate accounts. You will be required by each gaming partner to submit a payment method to receive payment.

Can I choose which gaming sector I show in my feed?

Yes, certainly, if you only want to show a certain sector on your website or certain pages then it is possible to configure your feed to suit your purpose. You can even configure the feed to only show certain offer types and brands (selected brands have guaranteed inclusion) It really is that customisable.

How big will the gambling feed be?

The feed comes in several formats, banner, xml feed or basic java code. Banners come in industry standard sizes, however use xml feed or java script you can have full control of size and variety of other options.

Why do i have to share commissions with Gambling feeds?

Gambling feeds use a dedicated team to compile all the latest offers and promotions and constantly update this data from an ever increasing number of gaming partners. Obviously this comes at significant operational cost therefore we require operate a shared commission service.

It is possible to have a subscription based account with gambling feeds, however this comes at a monthly/annual cost and is only recommended with sites who receive considerable targeted industry traffic or where only a certain type of feed is needed where the subscription fee cost is far less.

If you have s subscription based account you still will be able to use the partner share account too.

Whats the difference between a Subscription Account and Partner Share Account?

A subscription Account allows you to use our gambling feeds and san 100% of the revenue required. You will simply pay a monthly/annual fee to access the data feeds.

The Partner Share Account requires no payment, but a 50/50 share on the click through on the gambling feed you display on your site(s). You can increase your click through percentage to 2/3 clicks (66%), by adding a homepage link to one of our selected partner websites.

What is the cost of a Subscription Account?

The fee varies depending on what type of feed you require and length of subscription. Subscription fees can be found in the Service section of this website.

How do I cancel my account?

There is an option in Account Settings to 'Close My Account', however if you select this any feeds saved will be deleted permanently and can not be restored. Therfore you can turn off your feeds if required and then return to the service and reactivate them.


How much will i get if I refer someone to your service.

If you refer a subscription paying account you will get 50% of the total subscription cost of the first month of the new account holder. It is possible to make £250 from just one subscription account referral.

If you refer a Partner Share Account you will get £20 per account.

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